Ready to change the trajectory of your online business?

Meet Virtual Summits.

The #1 Way to Build an Email List, Connect with Influencers and Create an Amazing Product.

Build your highly targeted list, make more and better partner connections, launch your core offer and more with a Virtual Summit.

Virtual Summits are unique in that they create a massive win across all five pillars of your business.

They give you a product to sell (the premium pass), increase your audience (email list) with highly engaged, cream of the crop audience from the other speakers, create authority, connect you with JV partners (more easily than other methods), and help you make sales passively.

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Virtual Summits Are The Best Kept Secret For...

Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Content Creators

Here are just some of the benefits, and no other activity you can do includes them all...

  • A large, near instant, highly engaged, warm email list

  • An amazing way to connect with other influencers in your industry

  • Your summit becomes a product that you can now sell in perpetuity

  • The summit generates income before, during and afterwards

  • Crowdsourcing the content, you don't have to create it all yourself

  • You don't have to be the expert, you are simply interviewing the experts

  • But... you will be perceived as an expert afterwards, we call that "Peak Authority"

  • Launch Your Core Offer, to a warm audience, immediately after the summit

The Ways We Help

Our Services

Summits become a long term asset and profit center. You can get started on nearly any budget.


Summit Lab

This is our comprehensive flagship course. Build your profitable summit from the ground up, based on your end goal (your core offer).

We share the exact system we use with done-for-you clients to both plan and implement our highly successful virtual summits. We walk you through recruiting, hosting interviewing, creating your summit offer and launching your core offer the week after the summit ends.

$1497 (payment options available)


Summit Concierge

Get Access to our Flagship Program Summit Lab.

Recruit your speakers and host your interviews.

Then when you are ready, we use one or two VIP days to get our proprietary template installed and customized for you.

This provides the best of DIY and DFY into an affordable package.

We offer this to our clients who can get most of the way easily, and just want a little professional help over the finish line.

This plan can pay for itself if you simply sell around 46 premium passes.

STARTS AT $3,000


DFY Summit

Recruiting speakers and putting together the tech can stop most entrepreneurs in their tracks.

What if all you had to do was show up and interview high profile experts, and build JV partnerships while doing it?

We handle the recruiting plan, tech, timelines and coordination speaker interviews and data.

You just show up, hit record, and have great conversations.

STARTS at $15,000


Summit Syndicate

If you have the right target audience, and the right target partners, we will create a custom JV relationship with you.

In this situation, we perform a done-for-you summit, perform half or all the interviews, for a lower fee plus revenue share.

The summit syndicate must be a great match for you and us, but if it is, it can be extremely rewarding.

INVITATION ONLY: We become your summit partner and run summits on an ongoing basis.

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This is not a free consulting call, nor a sales call. We will just share our programs with you to see what program is a fit for you. We ask that you come to the call prepared to get started with an option, if you get all your questions answered.

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